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Animal Pros specializes in wildlife removal and can help you with Dead Animal Removal in Franklin and communities throughout the state. We can remove the dead animals, cleans up any mess left behind and repairs the damage they may have caused.

Dead Animals stink and a foul odor is usually the first sign there is possible a dead animal on your Franklin premises. When an animal is sick or wounded, its first instinct is to find a place to hide. Where do they hide? Usually underneath your Franklin home or in your attic and walls.

  • Dead rats or squirrels in attic
  • Dead rat or mouse in wall
  • Dead skunks, squirrels or raccoons under the house
  • Dead animals in yard
  • Dead animals in home

How do you get rid of dead animals? Unfortunately, there is no magic spray or device that you can use to make them go away. Perfumes and masking agents won’t help. The use of a moth ball or other repellents often fails during the dead animal removal process and is not a legal repellant for wildlife.

We often find moth balls in the attic or crawl space in use to cover a dead animal odor or smell because the owner was using them as an animal smell removal product. Franklin Dead animal removal and odor control are services we offer for such an unpleasant situation. The ONLY WAY to take care of your Dead Animal Removal problem is by physically removing the dead animal.

Franklin Dead Animal Cleanup

Dead Animal Removal takes experience and knowledge. Dead Animal Removal isn’t always a simple process. It usually includes crawling into tight, cramped spaces in potentially hazardous conditions. The dead animal must be found, removed and properly disposed of. Then the area must be cleaned and decontaminated. It is also critical to perform animal exclusion to ensure the area is properly sealed off to prevent any animals from returning.

Sometimes, we may have to crawl around in hot attics and under homes and it’s not a pleasant job but Franklin dead animal removal. Call the Animal Pros today, 615-613-5992