Nuisance Raccoon Removal

There is often a need for raccoon removal in Franklin. They are a common pest animal throughout the county and they can be a headache for homeowners. Raccoons are noisy at night, and they can also create a great deal of damage. They are also known to carry diseases and will often seek out a home to build their nest. Our trained specialists will first inspect your home for any possible problem. If we find that you have raccoons, we can take care of that problem, prevent their return, and clean up any damage.

We remove the raccoons without risk to your family or your pets. We know the laws specific to Tennessee and Williamson County for raccoon removal and we follow them completely. We will safely and effectively get rid of them with our specialized tools and training. You can probably find a way to get them out of your home on your own, but our technicians can do it safely, effectively, and by following all laws.

Raccoons in Attic

Pest Raccoons in Attic

In Franklin, it is common to find raccoons in your attic. If they can get to your roof, they can get into your attic very easily. They will often tear up roofing, and your insulation in an attempt to gain entrance. Once they find their way into your attic space they can cause a lot of damage. They will tear up insulation even more as they look to build nests for their young. They will leave droppings all over, which is a vector for diseases.

The best way to handle these animals is to call us in. We will trap the raccoons in the attic, and our team knows the best way to set the traps to quickly get rid of them.  After, we will seal up the home of any gaps or holes as this will prevent their return to your attic.

Raccoon Damage Repair

Raccoon Damage Repair and Clean Up

Additional damage other than their initial entrance hole is often created by raccoons in your Franklin home. They will damage your home, roof or attic as they attempt to enter the home. They will tear up insulation and drywall as they build their nests. Dead animals, feces and urine will attract insects and this can cause even more of a headache for homeowners.

Once they have been removed you may be left with a good deal of damage to your home and attic. Insulation, wiring, and droppings are just a few things that may need repair after the raccoon has been evicted. We can fix all of this for you, and we will ensure that contaminants are not spread throughout the home. Don’t try to clean the raccoon damage yourself as this places you and your home at risk. Due to the possibility of the spread of diseased materials, let us professionally clean and repair damage.

General Raccoon Removal FAQs

Do all raccoons carry diseases?

Humans should be particularly cautious of daylight raccoons because they are common carriers of rabies, roundworms and leptospirosis. If cornered they may attack you or your pet. Their feces may carry roundworm eggs that can be transferred to you or your pets.

What kinds of damage can raccoons cause?

Raccoon damage can cost you thousands of dollars in damaged insulation and inflated heating and cooling bills. They also frequently destroy ventilation and electrical systems.  Without repair, they can lead to fire, water and mold damage.

How do raccoons get in my attic?

Raccoons often get onto the roof from nearby trees. They will then scratch and chew their way into the attic. They may find a small gap in a soffit or under an eave and chew and scratch at it until it is large enough for them to pass through and make their way into the attic.