Chewed Wire Caused by Rats
Chewed Wire Caused by Rats

Mice Chewing on Your Wires in Your Franklin Home?

There are many types of damage caused by mice. The damage to your Franklin home can be found where they are entering. Damages to wood and insulation due to urine and droppings and drywall damage can all be attributed to mice. The worst type of damage is chewed electrical wiring. You may have exposed wires from security, intercom, or sound systems wired in your attic or basement. Without a professional inspection, this is something that might be overlooked. When our team completes an inspection of your attic or home, we will look specifically at wires. Our goal is to make sure all necessary repairs are made and keep your family safe.

Why do Mice Chew Wires?

Like squirrels and other rodents, mice have teeth that never stop growing. Chewing or gnawing on things helps to keep their teeth worn down. This trait makes everything in your attic or home fair game for. Wood and HVAC ducts are also targets along with wires and cords. The hard nature of the wires is a great way to sharpen or file their teeth. They can also strengthen them and keep them from growing at a rate that is too fast. We use proven messages like covering wires with piping or cement to reduce the risk of future damage.

Dangers of Mice Chewing Wires

Gnawed and frayed electrical wires leave your home vulnerable to many problems. This can mean flickering lights or shorts on the minor side. The worst can be a fire in your home. When wires are exposed and hot, contact with other materials like insulation or wood can result in possible fires. Do not allow these pests to take away the security you have in your home. Call us right away if you see a mouse. More than likely there are more than the one you see and a couple can turn into an infestation extremely fast. This is one of the situations where doing something early is best. We are here to help make your home safe from mice.

Other Areas of Concern

Make sure to address the outside of your Franklin home too. Mice will not only go after the wires inside your home, your outdoor property is also vulnerable. Outdoor kitchens, bbq areas, and cars all have wiring and can be damaged by these rodents. Keeping grass and hedges clipped and keeping food sources away can help keep them away. We can assist with outdoor mice control along with indoor control. Call Xceptional Wildlife today!